Siirus : How to Draw Carlos

How to Draw Carlos

how to draw carlos
how to draw carlos step 1


Just start by drawing a circle for the head, and then draw out the body shape just like you see it here.
how to draw carlos step 2


You will now begin drawing out Carlos' intense eyes. Use the facial guidelines you drew in step one to get the eyes drawn out. When that is done, make the arched lump for the beak.
how to draw carlos step 3


Draw in the bottom eyelid so that you get a very mean expression drawn on Carlos' face. Once that is in place, you can draw the eyeballs and pupils, and then finish drawing out the beak as well. There is nothing friendly about this character at all.
how to draw carlos step 4


Simply just start drawing out the outline of Carlos' body starting with the head, and then draw in the arms and hands. If you want you can just draw small chic like wings instead because that is what he really has in the movie. Don't forget to add that cute puff at the top of his head.
how to draw carlos step 5


Draw the blob like rounded shape at the bottom of the body to finish him off, and then move to step six.
how to draw carlos step 6


Finally. draw out his small chic legs and feet like so, and as you can see there is only three toes to draw in on each foot. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one and that's it.
how to draw carlos step 7


Here he is, Carlos the chic that means business. I hope you had fun with this lesson even though you may not know who this character is yet. You can go ahead and color him in to finish Carlos off or if you want, you can leave it as a drawing. I would personally color him in but that's just me.
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